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Attracting customers and creating success. For over 22 years, Floydesign has delivered their clients marketing tools for business earning power and brand recognition. Our award is your success, and we have consistently provided a return on investment and, the profits you deserve when investing in a marketing agency. Floydesign is a studio of talented consultants, problem solvers and designers who understand that the dynamics of marketing and advertising have changed. Step out of the Sea-of-Sameness and together we will break through the marketing noise and arrive at your success.


More Than Just a Consulting Agency


Rick Floyd is the creator of Floydesign, Inc. With over 22 years experience in advertising and digital marketing, you can hire a dependable partner that will bring you RESULTS. We are passionate about our clients, their products, and services, and we work hard to make sure your investment in us generates profits for your company. We offer Consulting, Branding, Creative, Graphic Design, Trade Show and Event Planning, Digital Advertising and Social Media Management
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Build a Solid Foundation

it's all about setting goals and strategy

Working together we we can help you develop a strong strategy that will combine all of your marketing goals to form an all-inclusive plan. Using market research and your product or service mix helps us achieve a system for maximum profits. 


Think Screen Delivery

7.4 hours daily looking at screens

Don't just think "Mobile Only" as your marketing focus, consider the best way that takes advantage of what situation and context the consumer is using. The cascade is Small, Medium, Large, Xtra-large,  since TV will continue to be more app driven.


The Power of SM Advertising

A compelling solution creates action

Facebook has grown by 132 million users this year and those users spend about 42 minutes per day on the site. Video will be a big play in social media as there are 4 billion video views per day. Many viewers will buy products from a brand they follow.

It's All About The Message

clarity over clever

The real challenge is simplifying what you are trying to communicate. Attention spans are dwindling and skimming is becoming the norm. Targeting psychographic and demographic with the right message is key.